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We are hiring ASE Certified technicians

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Fuel Pump Repair | Tri-Valley Automotive, Dublin Ca.

Today a customer called and asked for a quote for a fuel pump replacement. They had just come home from a trip to Mexico yesterday and when they tried to start their Suburban this morning it wouldn’t go. After trying several times, it finally started. They took the truck to the Chevy dealer to be quoted a high price. At that point they decided to call around to see if they could fine a lower price. I was able to save them $300 so they decided to bring their Suburban to us.

After they dropped it off, we checked the fuel pressure. Sure enough, it was low. It should be between 55-62 psi and it was several psi below that, plus it was bleeding back, which means it wasn’t holding pressure like it should.

Replacing the fuel pump on a Chevy Suburban involves removing the gas tank…not fun. Luckily, the customer didn’t have that much fuel in the tank, otherwise it could have been messy…and dangerous. The pump resides inside the tank, so the only way to get to it is to have the fuel tank down.

Once re-installed, the truck started promptly and had the correct fuel pressure…and it held it…Hooray!

The customer picked up the Suburban later that afternoon and was delighted to have their truck back.

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